Can you connect Xbox to pc with HDMI?

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Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there. And most of the users connect the Xbox to a big flat screen or smart TV. It allows the users to play the games on a bigger screen. But sometimes, you might not be able to afford one of those. In that case, can you connect Xbox to pc with HDMI? 

You might not have a big flat screen or smart TV but you most likely own a pc or laptop. So, if you can connect that to the Xbox then it solves the problem. The screen of the pc is big enough to enjoy the games better. And the good news is you can connect Xbox to pc providing that it has an HDMI port.

The process of connecting the Xbox to a pc or laptop is easy and straightforward. We will provide all the information for your convenience. So, get ready with your Xbox, pc, and an HDMI cable and follow our instructions. You are going to like it.

Can you connect Xbox to pc with HDMI? – A Smart Guideline

Yes, it is if a simple requirement is fulfilled. See, to connect the Xbox to the pc with an HDMI cable is going to require an HDMI port. So, if your pc or laptop has one, it is good news. And another thing is in this case the HDMI port has to be an input type port.

Because the laptop connected to the Xbox will work as an input device. It will receive signals from the Xbox. And the Xbox will work as an output device. Usually, the laptop or pc works as an output device sending signals to bigger screens like projectors. But in this case, the opposite is happening.

The concern is most companies provide an HDMI port in their laptops and pcs. So, you need to check your PC’s or laptop’s configuration. You can find out if you can use its HDMI port as an input one. If not, then you can use a USB to HDMI port to get the job done. In either way, you can connect Xbox to the pc.

How can you connect Xbox to pc with HDMI?

Here are some strict methods to connect Xbox to PC with HDMI. 

Step-1: Shut down the Xbox

  • Make sure nothing is on the Xbox. No games or programs.
  • Also, make sure no downloads and updates are pending in the background.
  • If not, this can cause some memory problems later on. 

Step-2: Connect the Xbox to pc with the HDMI cable

  • Now that the Xbox is completely shut down, time to connect the HDMI cable.
  • Connect the HDMI cable both to the Xbox and the pc using the HDMI port on the pc.
  • If the port is an input one the connection will work.

Step-3: Keep the pc clean

  • Stop anything unnecessary running on the pc or laptop. 
  • It will make the connecting process faster.

Step-4: Turn the Xbox back on

  • Connect the Xbox to the power source and turn it on.
  • It will let you know it has been able to secure a connection with the pc.
  • If it doesn’t say that and do something unusual then turn it off.
  • Turn it on again and make sure the connection is secured.
  • You can move on to the final step now.

Step-5: Choose your preferred display settings

  • You will be able to choose the display from the display settings.
  • Choose the one appropriate for your laptop.
  • If after choosing a setting you find out the graphics are not clear enough, change the display for better performance.
  • Now you can enjoy your Xbox games on a bigger and better screen.

How to connect Xbox 360 to pc with HDMI 

Now, you know the right process of connecting Xbox 360 to pc with HDMI. 

  • First, make sure all the applications on the pc and everything on the Xbox are closed.
  • Now take the HDMI cable and connect it to the Xbox. Then connect the other end to the pc.
  • The pc should show that the connection is secured with the Xbox. And you should now be able to play on the Xbox using the pcs screen.
  • But if the pc doesn’t show a secured connection, then don’t panic. It can happen on the first attempt. 
  • Just turn off both of the machines and turn them back on. 
  • Now connect the HDMI to both of them and this time the connection should get secured.
  • At this point, you can play your Xbox games with a pc screen.

How to connect Xbox one to laptop without HDMI cable windows 10

connect Xbox one to laptop without HDMI cable
Let’s know the process of connecting Xbox one to a laptop without an HDMI cable. 
  • This is another convenient way to connect the Xbox to a laptop without the trouble of using an HDMI cable.
  • If you have the latest versions of Windows, you can download a free app called the Xbox app. You will find it for free in the Microsoft store.
  • Download it and register to create an account.
  • Now go to the Xbox and find the settings that say “Allow game streaming to paired devices”. You will find it under ‘Preferences’.
  • Click on it and then click on Connect.
  • Make sure both the Xbox and the laptop are connected to the same WIFI network.
  • You should at this point be able to use the laptop screen as your Xbox gaming screen.

Watch this video for a better understanding:


If you are someone who loves to play on Xbox, this discussion should solve your problem. You most probably have a pc or laptop. And we provided the answer to the question: “can you connect Xbox to pc with HDMI?“. You now have everything you need.

Follow the instructions and you will be able to turn your pc or laptop screen into your gaming console’s screen. Even if it’s not as big as a smart TV screen, it is much better. If you have an HDMI cable, you can use it to get the job done. If not, then download the Xbox app and connect the two devices.

Again, remember you need an input HDMI port for the connection to occur. So, make sure of that. In its absence use a USB to HDMI converter or use the Xbox app we mentioned earlier. Enjoy your gaming now without any complications. 

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