How Much Does A CPU Affect Gaming? – The Truth

How Much Does A CPU Affect Gaming

Playing all kinds of games is possible if your computer has a powerful CPU. The faster the CPU, the better the gaming experience. The computer’s CPU works as the artificial brain that controls maximum gaming actions. However, people have an interest- how much does a CPU affect gaming?  Some games require more processing power and … Read more

Is It Safe To Overclock CPU? – Save your pc

Is It Safe To Overclock CPU

CPU overclocking is the process of increasing the clock speed along with performance. Though it’s not directly permitted by CPU manufacturers, it’s not illegal either. There is some confusion among PC users about overclocking the CPU. One of them is -“is it safe to overclock CPU of your computer?”.  Well, overclocking is safe until you … Read more

Which Browser Uses The Least CPU?

Which Browser Uses The Least CPU

The Central Processing Unit or the CPU is the main component in the motherboard that runs the programs of a PC. All the software and the apps installed on a PC use the CPU to perform the task. Like the internet browsers also use the processing power of the CPU to run smoothly and perform … Read more

How Does CPU Affect Gaming?

How Does CPU Affect Gaming

Central Processing Unit, otherwise known as the CPU, is the core structure for gaming. Professional gamers invest the most of their budget for building a pc into the CPU only. It is because gaming performance mostly depends upon the CPU. Therefore, before building a custom PC or buying a new one you must have knowledge … Read more

Does Overclocking CPU Increase FPS? – Know the truth

Does Overclocking CPU Increase FPS

Have you ever heard about increasing the clock speed of the CPU? Well, this process is known as overclocking the CPU. Overclocking is popular as it increases the CPU performance and overall user experience. However, people are eager to know- does overclocking CPU increase FPS?  By creating an overclocked CPU, you produce some extra FPS. … Read more

How To Overclock A Locked CPU- The Right Process

Overclocking a regular or unlocked CPU helps to run it faster than the regular speed.  But what about a locked CPU, how to overclock a locked CPU? Is it even possible to overclock a locked CPU? The answer is no. You cannot overclock a locked CPU. When the companies discontinued the K7 series CPU in … Read more