Is High-Temperature CPU Usage Bad?

Is High-Temperature CPU Usage Bad

The PC becomes slow and choppy most of the time when it does some heavy work such as gaming, editing, or simulation. It is because the temperature in the CPU rises higher with the usage. Now the question arises is high-temperature CPU usage bad? High temperature in the CPU due to usage is bad for … Read more

Is 50 degrees Celsius Hot For A CPU?

Is 50 degrees Celsius Hot For A CPU

When people notice their CPU temperature for the first time, they come with various reactions. They can’t determine whether the temperature is normal or abnormal. The CPU may even get extreme temperatures when it’s idle. Let’s talk about 50 degrees Celsius temperature. Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU? 50 degrees Celsius isn’t hot … Read more

How to tell if my CPU is dead?

How to tell if my CPU is dead

The CPU or the central processing unit is the brain of your computer. So, when the brain starts to malfunction the whole body starts to show some symptoms. If you are thinking about how to tell if my CPU is dead then this is your answer. Look for the right symptoms. The most common way … Read more

Do You Need Thermal Paste For CPU?

Do You Need Thermal Paste For CPU

Thermal paste is a silvery gray gel-type substance that You use to spread on the CPU while installing it. But do you need thermal paste for CPU? The instant answer would be yes you need to apply thermal paste above the CPU before installing the CPU cooler. It is important to put thermal paste as … Read more

Is CPU or GPU More Important For Gaming? – Know the right thing

Is CPU or GPU More Important For Gaming

CPU and GPU- both are processors but have individual purposes and building architecture. Even their clock speed isn’t similar because of their difference in cores. While talking about gaming, the vital role of both CPU and GPU is questioned. A common question is roaming around us- “is CPU or GPU more important for gaming?“.  Specifically, … Read more