How to capture screenshots in ps3 (PlayStation 3)

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Nowadays, gaming is not just a means of passing time idly. Gaming has become one of the industries which are called the “gaming industry”. While playing games either online or just on your pc, you might want to capture screenshots of your gaming screen. Who wants to miss any great achievement or of other situations? If you are a beginner of ps3, you might be wondering how to capture screenshots in ps3 (PlayStation 3).

Different tech companies are inventing and launching various upgraded gaming components. A ps3 or PlayStation 3 is one of them. And it is very prevalent that gamers have vague knowledge about the process of taking screenshots.

The process is simple, nothing like rocket science. This article will provide you with some of the right ways of taking screenshots. You can also determine its position after going through the writing till the end. 

How to capture screenshots in ps3 – The right way

The right way to capture a screenshot can be discovered by the gamers by trial and error. But, this requires lots of effort and time if not known from the beginning. So, it’s always better to know the ways beforehand. Below are some of the right processes for capturing screenshots in ps3 or PlayStation 3.

Method 1: PS button+start button

The most common and followed way of capturing screenshots in ps3 or PlayStation 3 is this one. Look at the following steps to ensure you are taking the screenshots co

Step 1: Look for the PS button

How to capture screenshots in ps3
  • At the very first, look for the PS button on your PlayStation 3. It is not that hard actually as the button is right before your eyes.
  • You will find the PS button at the center of your PS3 and the start button. Most often, it is on the top right corner of the PS button.

Step 2: Position the screen

  • After determining the ps button and the start button, you need to be at the exact position of your screen. The position should be where you would like to take the screenshot.
  • Now, click both the PS button and the start button at the same time.
  • Make sure you have taken the screenshot correctly by viewing the picture from where it is saved.

Step 3: Save the screenshot

  • The taken screenshot is saved in “photos or images” by default. 
  • You may not be able to capture screenshots after pressing both the ps button and the start button. It happens if the game coding doesn’t approve of taking screenshots while playing.
  • Therefore, you need to make sure that your game’s coding allows you to take screenshots.

Method 2: PS button+options button

How to capture screenshots in ps3

The next way of taking screenshots is by using the ps button and the options button. Below, we’ve mentioned the required steps to do the task perfectly.

Step 1: Find PS button

  • As mentioned earlier, you will find the PS button at the center of your PlayStation 3. Press the button like you’re pressing a switch. 
  • When pressing the ps button, the game will be paused and the screen will be blurred. Besides, many options will appear on your screen
  • Go through the options and find out the “photos” or “images” option. From there, you will get the option to capture screenshots.

Step 2: Capture and save the screenshot

  • When you find the “photos or images” option, select the “save screenshots” option and click it.
  • When you click on that option, the game screen will appear clean. Also, a small rectangular box with “save screenshots” will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Click that button and your screen will be captured. It will take some time to save the taken screenshot.

Step 3: Check whether it is right or not

  • Now it’s time to check whether you were able to capture the screen correctly and perfectly or not. You can ensure that by viewing the screenshot taken.
  • To see the screenshot, you will be required to quit the game and go to the “photos or images” option.
  • There you will find your screenshot saved by the name and the date of capture. View the screenshot and check whether it came out perfectly or not.

Method 3: keyboard+USB

How to capture screenshots in ps3

Using a keyboard and USB port is also effective while trying to take a screenshot of your screen. The following steps should be followed precisely. 

Step 1: Adjust setting

  • First, make sure there is no problem with your keyboard and you have a proper USB port.
  • Now plug your keyboard into the USB port. USB ports are generally standard cables that are used to create connections between compatible devices. Also, it’s used for exchanging data and options.

Step 2: Take and save screenshot

  • When you are finished with the “connection creation”, find out the “PrintScreen” button on your keyboard.
  • In general, the “PrintScreen” button is shown as “PrtScr” and located at the top row and in the right corner of the keyboard.
  • Click the “print screen” option and the screen of your pc will be captured exactly the same way it is/was before you.
  • If you want to see the captured screenshot, you will need to go to the “pictures” folder of your computer or PlayStation 3. The latest screenshot will be saved in one of the folders named “screenshots”.

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If you are still confused, watch this video:


Playstation 3 is mainly a video game console. It uses a cell processor and provides gamers with a better experience and options in playing games. The PlayStation models are super slim, smaller in size, and of less weight. This gadget also comes with the options which are required for taking screenshots easily.

Now, you have a conception of how to capture screenshots in ps3 (PlayStation 3). The above-explained methods are approved by the user of ps3 or the gamers. Taking screenshots of the game screen or other exclusive moments isn’t a matter of concern now.

So, if you are new to playing games or using the ps3, make sure to follow the above steps. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take the screenshots correctly and effectively.

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