How To Connect PS5 To Monitor? – Know The Right Process

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Connecting PS5 to your computer monitor is neither difficult nor easy. There are different ports and all ports aren’t compatible with all types of cables. That’s why people sometimes get confused about how to connect PS5 to monitor.

If you’re using a desktop computer monitor, then the connecting process is pretty simple. It’s all about connecting the HDMI cable with the PS5 and monitor to enjoy gaming. If you don’t want to use the HDMI cable, then you have the display port converter option. 

In case you have a laptop, you need to perform some dedicated operations. Laptops are manufactured with output HDMI ports. For this reason, a capture card is required to generate the input HDMI ports. However, if you have a VGA monitor, you can’t directly connect the PS5 with it. 

How to Connect PS5 to Monitor – Step by step

How to Connect PS5 to Monitor

Connecting PS5 to the computer monitor is all about dealing with some cables and ports. Let’s see how to connect PS5 to monitor.

Step:1- Observe the monitor’s port

How to Connect PS5 to Monitor

The first thing to do is to check your computer monitor if it has an HDMI port. If you find it, then you’re lucky. Otherwise, you’ll need an HDMI adapter. Perhaps, your monitor has a VGA port instead of an HDMI port. 

Step:2- Connect HDMI cable

How to Connect PS5 to Monitor Step by step

HDMI cable comes with two ends. One e d goes for the computer monitor and the other end goes for the PS5. Determine the PS5’s HDMI out connector first. Once you find it, attach the HDMI cable’s one end with the out connector. The other end should be connected with the HDMI input on the computer monitor. 

Step:3- Turning on the monitor and PS5

How to Connect PS5 to Monitor Step by step

It’s time to check if both devices are working precisely. Turn on the computer monitor to set the monitor’s input to the correct one. After finishing the setup, insert the power plug into a standard electrical socket. That’s all. 

How to connect PS5 to monitor without HDMI

You can only go for the display port option if you’re determined not to use the HDMI. Using an active HDMI to display port converter cable is mandatory in this circumstance. Here are the steps to follow when connecting PS5 to a monitor without HDMI. 

Step:1- Active HDMI to display port converter

The process starts with activating the HDMI to the display port converter. You need to follow the strict steps mentioned in the converter’s user guide.

Step:2- Connecting male and female display port

It’s time to connect the HDMI connector to the HDMI port on your PS5. After that, grab the converter cable. You need to take the male display port cable and attach it to the female DisplayPort. 

Step:3- Connecting with the monitor

It’s time to connect the other end of the male display port cable to the female display port input. The connection should be established on your monitor.

Step:4- Attaching USB cable

The last move is attaching a USB cable on the active converter cable to the USB port of PS5. You’re done with this process.

This process isn’t recommended unless you have any problem with the HDMI cable. You can’t get the desired resolution as well as refresh rate if you follow this method. Let’s check the combination of resolution and refresh rate that can be found from this method. 

  • 4k resolution, 60Hz refresh rate
  • 1080P resolution, 60Hz refresh rate
  • 1080P resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
  • 1080P resolution, 144Hz refresh rate

How to connect PS5 to VGA monitor

Are you eager to know how to connect a PS5 to a VGA monitor? Well, first you need to know about the connection compatibility. Can you connect PS5 to the VGA monitor? The answer is negative. HDMI and VGA signals aren’t similar. 

The PS5 uses an HDMI port but some old computer models don’t have an HDMI port. They use a VGA port and so, you need an HDMI adapter in that case. So, attach an HDMI adapter with the monitor’s VGA port and follow the general way of connecting PS5 to a monitor.

How to connect a PS5 to a laptop monitor

Connecting PS5 to a laptop monitor is slightly trickier than the desktop monitor. Laptops don’t come with the output HDMI ports. This port helps to only transfer data from the laptop. To play PS5 games on your laptop monitor, there must be input HDMI ports. So, you need to go for an additional device called a “capture card”. This device can generate the input HDMI ports on the laptop monitor. Follow these steps to know how to connect a PS5 to a laptop monitor. 

Step:1- Connect a USB-C cable

First, take a good USB Type C cable and connect its one end with the capture card. The other end should be connected to the laptop with the USB-3 port. 

Step:2- Connect the first HDMI cable

Now, you need to connect the HDMI cable with the PS5. The other end should be connected with the input HDMI port of the capture card. 

Step:3- Connect the second HDMI cable

It’s time to connect the second HDMI cable’s one end with the capture card. The other end should be connected to the laptop. However, check the whole connection finally and power up. You can play PS5 games on the laptop monitor from now.

How to connect PS5 to HP monitor

HP monitors don’t require any special regulation for connecting PS5 with them. You already know how to connect the PS5 to the monitor. The steps depicted in the aforementioned part are required to connect the PS5 to the HP monitor.

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Frequently Asked Question

This section discusses some questions about connecting the PS5 to the monitor. 

Can you connect a ps5 to a monitor without a pc?

All you need to connect PS5 with a monitor is the HDMI port. Despite connecting it, you can suffer from the refresh rate as well as resolutions. Until the console’s and monitor’s HDMI port is okay, there is no limitation to connecting them.

Does VGA to HDMI work on PS5?

As the signals of VGA and HDMI are different, the VGA signal doesn’t go with PS5. Using a VGA to HDMI adapter, you can use your PS5. You can disconnect the VGA and try HDMI if the HDMI cable is fine. 

Does the PS5 have a VGA port?

No, there is no VGA port in the PS5. It runs on an HDMI port. Old computers don’t have HDMI ports and so, they require using a VGA connection. To run PS5 on old computers, using an HDMI to VGA converter is mandatory. 

Follow the attached video below to connect your PS5 to your monitor within 2 minutes:


Reaching the endpoint, you must have understood how to connect PS5 to monitor. PS5 is an advanced gaming console that isn’t supported directly by all kinds of monitors. The monitors with HDMI ports only allow establishing a stable connection between two devices. 

Most of the old monitors are VGA monitors and are unable to capture the HDMI signal. Should you leave the old monitor and buy a new one for connecting your PS5? No, you can easily transform the monitor to PS5 compatible using an HDMI to display port converter. 

But, this action won’t serve you a good combination of resolution and refresh rate. While dealing with a laptop, ensure that you have a good capture card for connecting with the PS5. Unless your USB and HDMI connection sequences are okay, your laptop monitor won’t respond. 

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