How to connect USB headset to Xbox One within seconds?

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How to connect USB headset to Xbox One within seconds

For experiencing high-quality sound and audio a gaming USB headset is a must. The headsets give you detailed and high-definition audio which is quite imperative for gaming. If you play games on Xbox one you may wonder how to connect USB headset to Xbox One within seconds.

There are multiple ways to connect the USB gaming headsets to the Xbox One. But the important point to be noted is that the headset with a USB controller must be compatible with the Xbox one console. 

Most other USB headsets with 3.5mm as the input cable can be easily connected to the Xbox one system. By following some easy steps and configuring the console the job can be done in no time.

How to connect USB headset to Xbox One within seconds? – The simplest ways

Unlike PC or PS4, connecting a wired USB headset to the Xbox One can be a hassle if you don’t know the correct procedure. Here different methods are discussed with configuration to connect a headset to the Xbox One system.

1. Using a Stereo Adapter

Most of the latest versions or generations of the Xbox One controllers come with a built-in headset port in the back. You can directly connect the headset to the controller of the Xbox One. But, for older versions of the Xbox one, you will not get a direct headset pot to the controller.

For that, you have to buy an additional device. The device is called a stereo adapter for the Xbox One. You have to connect the adapter to the back end of the controller. After that, simply plug in your compatible headset to the adapter.

2. Using a compatible USB headset

Unfortunately, not all gaming headsets are compatible with the Xbox one system. Especially the USB headsets with only one port made of USB having the adapter attached cannot be connected to Xbox One.

These gaming headsets are made for the PC. Because in the PC the required drivers for the headsets can be installed automatically which is not possible in Xbox One. Moreover, the Xbox One system doesn’t allow third-party drivers to be installed in the console.

Only compatible USB headsets such as the Turtle Beach, Steel series headsets can be connected to the Xbox One. Apart from that, all other 3.5mm jack-enabled headsets can be connected to the Xbox one controller directly.

That is why you may have to consider getting a compatible USB headset for the Xbox One. Otherwise, you have to use the 3.5 mm-based global headsets using a stereo adapter.

3. Connecting USB headset using a PC

This method is quite lengthy and time-consuming for connecting a USB headset to the Xbox One system. But from most of the methods, it is very much effective. For this procedure, you require an Xbox One system, a PC, a 3.5mm splitter cable, and HDMI audio adapter.

Firstly, you must update all the audio drivers on the PC. For this, follow the procedure stated below.

  • Right, Click on the PC button.
  • Scroll to the Manage button and click on it.
  • Press on the Device Manager option.
  • Then tap on the Sound Devices
  • Update all the required drivers.

Make sure your PC and Xbox One system have the HDMI cable connected. More importantly, the audio adapter should be connected as well. Then connect the splitter to the respective ports to the audio adapter. You have to connect the Xbox to the PC and start streaming.

Connect the other end of the splitter to the backend of the PC. Now, you have to link the USB headset to the PC through the USB ports. Attaching the splitter, an action bar pops up. You have to select the specific input device from the windows option. Now you can hear the in-game audio through your USB headset.

4. How to use USB headset on Xbox one without PC

In this method, you can connect the headset to the Xbox system without any PC.

  • Firstly, in your Xbox One, from the home menu go to the settings option.
  • Nextly, scroll down and press on the display and sound option.
  • After that, go to the Audio Output option.
  • Turn On the optical Audio option
  • Switch to Stereo Uncompressed
  • Then, go to stereo audio and select the OFF button
  • Select the headset format as the Windows Sonic for headphones
  • Enable the option for the Optical audio or HDMI audio
  • Now, connect your headset to the controller of the Xbox One.
  • An icon of the headset will pop up on the upper right corner of the screen.

This method works for only compatible Xbox One headsets. In order to confirm the compatibility of your headset, you have to search for the Xbox logo on it. Not all headsets can work using this method.

Follow the tutorial video below about how to set up a headset on Xbox One:


Gaming without a headset is incomparable. You can not perform well if you are up to competitive gaming. If you are playing on an Xbox One console, then it could be a hassle connecting a headset to the system. That is why you must know How to connect USB headset to Xbox One.

By getting some additional adapters and splitters you can easily connect a headset to your headset. But, the compatibility of the headset is a must. By doing that you can avoid having a PC aside from the Xbox system for the headset connectivity. Otherwise, it may require getting an Xbox One compatible headset.

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