How To Run Emulators On Xbox 360 Without Modchip?

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People have several problems running emulators on their Xbox 360. First, there are a few emulators for Xbox 360 which can work precisely. Most importantly, it’s difficult to run emulators on Xbox 360 without using the modchip. After going for the modchip option, there is a possibility of getting a temporary or permanent ban in the game.  Therefore, people desperately seek a way to play other games on Xbox 360 without getting banned. Knowing about how to run emulators on Xbox 360 without modchip can resolve this problem. RetroArch emulator is the most commonly used emulator in this operation. 

However, it’s easy to install emulators on this video game console by following some easy steps. You’ll need to activate the developer mode to install the emulator. To do this, you’ll need to pay an extra fee. It’s a little bit risky for the device but you don’t have any choice as you’re not using a modchip. 

How To Run Emulators On Xbox 360 Without Modchip? – Step by step

It’s difficult to install emulators on Xbox 360 because there aren’t a lot of emulators for Xbox 360. But, it’s the best way to use the RetroArch emulator for getting the desired output. Now, we’ll elaborate on how to run emulators on Xbox 360 without a modchip. 

Steps of installing RetroArch emulator

Follow the steps carefully to get the RetroArch emulator on your Xbox 360. 

Step:1- Turn on the developer mode

  • The first responsibility is to activate the developer mode on your Xbox 360. To do this, open a paid Microsoft Partner developer account. You’ll need to pay $19 for turning on the developer option. However, the pricing may vary depending on the region. This is a one-time payment and you’ll get the service forever.
  • Go to the Xbox search bar and type “Xbox dev”. After a certain time, you’ll find an option to turn on the developer mode. Using the valid developer account, download the Xbox Dev Mode app on your console. 
  • Now, activate your console in the partner center. After that, you need to reboot in developer mode. 
  • The last step is configuring your network connection. It’ll help you to access the Xbox developer mode interface via a web browser. 

Step:2- Downloading and installing RetroArch emulator

  • Click on the following link and visit the download page of the RetroArch emulator. 

Download RetroArch from here

  • Now, keep scrolling the newly opened page and get the Xbox one version. Besides, you need to get the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 UWP Runtime Package” dependency file. 
  • It’s time to find the “Remote access” option. You can visit the desired web address from here to get access to the Xbox developer mode. 
  • Then, select the “Add” option from the home page. It’ll allow you to access the file upload interface. 
  • Drag and drop the APPXBUNDLE file which has been downloaded by you recently. There is an alternative option to do this action. You can click on the “choose file” option and locate the desired file. 
  • Then, select “next” and move on. After that, select the “start” option and wait for a while. The process will take a few seconds to process the action. After completing everything successfully, select the “done” option. 

Step:3- Setting up the RetroArch emulator

  • Select “main menu” from the installed RetroArch emulator. It can be found at the top-left position of the screen. 
  • Now, scroll down to “online updater” and go for the “update assets” option. This option allows you to update the core info files, databases, overlays, and many more things. When you’re done with this step, a black screen will appear and the menu will be reloaded.
  • To get access to the in-game pause menu, you need to define a button now. Return to the “main menu” and find “settings” from there. You may find it in the top-left position. Scroll down until you find the “input” option. Then, select “hotkeys” and type “Start + Select”. 
  • The ultimate step is saving your settings. Return to the “main menu” and click on “save current configuration”. Now, you need to quit the emulator and reload it. At this point, you can add ROMs and BIOS files if you wish. 

Step:4- Starting a game

  • Find and select “load core” from the main menu part. The core must match the system type unless you want to face any additional trouble. 
  • To locate the ROM file, select “load content” at this step. Now, you’re ready to play a game on your Xbox 360. 

Frequently Asked Question

This part comes with some relevant questions about installing emulators on the Xbox 360 console.

Can Xbox 360 run emulators?

Yes. Xbox 360 runs emulators. Back in 2005, Microsoft went through an experiment to run emulators on Xbox 360. After that, this section is wide enough and allows you to play other console games precisely. Running emulators with modchip brings more perfection in this case. 

Can you mod an Xbox 360 without soldering?

Modding an Xbox 360 using soldering is much easier and faster than other methods. If you’re not interested in soldering, you can move to your desired method. But, there is a chance of getting banned as well as you can’t play pirated games. 

How do you install emulators on Xbox 360?

To install emulators on your Xbox 360, the first mode is to turn on the developer mode. Next, download and install the emulator by following some strict rules. The last step is to set up the emulator perfectly. RetroArch emulator is one of the most popular Xbox 360 emulators. 

Follow the video below to watch how to install the emulator on Xbox One:


An emulator is the most effective option to run unusual games on Xbox 360. Xbox 360 doesn’t allow you to use emulators without a modchip nicely. But, you can rely on the RetroArch emulator to play the game on other consoles. Now, you have a clear concept of how to run emulators on Xbox 360 without modchip

To turn on the developer option, you need to perform the depicted actions precisely. Then, download the desired emulator from the depicted source successfully. The next thing to do is install the emulator and enjoy the game. If you make any mistake at any step, you may fail to install it properly. 

However, running other games on Xbox 360 isn’t illegal. So, you can go for the emulator option without any doubt. There may be a lack of performance if you follow this method to use the emulator. But, it’s the best way to use an emulator on your Xbox 360 without getting banned.

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