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The Xbox controller comes with many modern and advanced technologies. It includes a lot of friendly features for making the gamer’s life easier and more exciting. But the Xbox controller runs on portable batteries and has limited power delivery time.  For this, the controller is designed to get turned off when not in use to preserve the battery life. But, on many occasions, you may require the controller not to get turned off. Therefore, how to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off? 

Fortunately, there are some easy ways following which you turn off the automatic shutdown feature of the Xbox controller. In some serious and competitive gaming time, you will not be entertaining the controller automatically turning off the feature.

How To Stop Xbox Controller From Automatically Turning Off – Proper way

The Xbox controller turned off automatically can be very annoying sometimes. Especially if you are a highly competitive player then it can be time-consuming and can ruin your gameplay as well. Here are some easy methods to configure your controller not to sleep or get turned off while you are AFK.

Disable Auto Sleep

Like most other digital devices nowadays, the Xbox One also has the Auto sleep option. If you are away from the console for a certain period of time the console goes into sleep. Following the console, the controller connected to the Xbox also gets turned off automatically.

To avoid this you have to disable the Auto Sleep option in your Xbox system. For this, firstly bring up the Guide Menu in your Xbox by pressing the Xbox box button in your controller. Now, scroll right to select the settings button and press on it. In the lower end of the menu, you will find the option called “Power”.

Under that, you can see a different range of times you want to keep your system sway from sleep. Select the Never Turn off option which will keep your console turned on till the power supply is connected to the system.

Plugging into the Data Transferring Cable

The Xbox console comes with multiple USB ports in front and back for device connectivity. There is a USB port in the left corner of the front panel. The Xbox comes with an Authorized USB cable. If not you can buy it from the retailer.

To keep your controller constantly turned on, you have to remove the default battery pack from the controller. The controller is programmed to go back to sleep automatically after fifteen minutes to preserve the battery power.

Now, connect the original Xbox USB cable to the console and the controller without the battery pack. The controller turns on and goes into effect immediately. It will be On constantly until you disconnect the cable from the controller. It happens because the power comes from a direct supply. There is no reserved source to worry about.

An important note for this method is to use the authorized Xbox data transferring cable only. Most of the third-party USB cables may or may not work.

Keeping the Spotify Active

If you are playing games on Xbox using the Keyboard and Mouse, the controller remains inactive for a long time. But your headset remains connected to the controller. Therefore, the controller being physically inactive will turn off automatically to save battery power.

But to keep your headset working you must keep your controller active as well. You have to keep the Spotify app active in the background. Go to the Xbox interface and tap on the Spotify option. Select a playlist and choose the song selection as random. Moreover, keep the playlist in the loop.

Now, turn down the volume and keep the Spotify run in the background. Return back to your game and enjoy. This time the controller won’t get turned off because of the Spotify app running in the background.

Lowering the range

The Xbox Controller has a limited working range. The maximum distance of the Xbox controller to the Xbox console is limited The farther you go the range will get disrupted. For this reason, the controller often gets disconnected from the console. This leads the controller to get turned off automatically while not in use for several minutes.

That is why it is recommended to stay in the active range of the controller. If possible lower the distance from the controller to the console. This way you can avoid the controller getting turned off automatically.

Updating the system and Controller Firmware

If your Xbox console and controller have mismatched firmware then it can lead the controller to get turned off. For this, you have to update the firmware more often. Keeping the system firmware of the console and controller updated all the time reduced the sudden turning off of the symptom of the controller.

To update the firmware, you have to go to the settings from the Xbox guide menu. Now, scroll down to the Devices and Settings option and open it. After that select the Accessories options and click on the controller. Under the controller, picture press the three dots button and select the Update Firmware option. This will update your controller to the latest firmware.

How to stop the Xbox controller from turning off when idle?

If you are going somewhere but don’t want either of your controllers or Xbox consoles to go to sleep. Then follow the step stated below to keep your controller active.

  • Firstly, remove the back panel of the controller.
  • You can see the battery pack or two AA batteries depending upon the controller model.
  • Remove the batteries from your controller.
  • Now, connect the Xbox original power cable to the console.
  • Connect the other end of the power cable to your controller.
  • After that, from the settings, select preferences and disable the auto-shutdown feature.
  • In the Power Mode and startup option, set the inactivity time to “Don’t turn off automatically”

Are you want to know How to connect ps4 controller to Xbox one?

How to stop the Xbox controller from automatically turning off on the PC?

If you are using a PC with your Xbox console, then follow the steps to keep your controller turned on for a long time of inactivity.

  • First, get an Xbox compatible power supply converged with data transferring USB cable.
  • Remove all the batteries from the Xbox controller.
  • Connect the controller to the PC using the specific USB cable.
  • The controller will remain active as long the power on the PC is turned on. It will not go inactive because the source of power is not the batteries.

Here we added a tutorial video below about How To Stop the Xbox controller from automatically turning off for your better understanding:


There are some games such as GTA 5, Forza Horizon, Call of Duty, etc which do not require the Xbox controller mostly. Rather than playing those games on Xbox, Keyboard and Mouse are preferable. That is, playing those games without using the controller often leads the controller to get turned off automatically.

But to keep the controller active constantly you must know how to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off. This will allow you to stay focused on playing your game. More importantly, it won’t disconnect your headset which remains attached to the controller.

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