How to turn off Xbox one properly

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If you are into gaming, then “Xbox one” is one of the ‘must have’ devices on your list. If you have acquired or bought an Xbox one recently, probably you don’t know much about the on and off process. In this situation, you are supposed to wonder how to turn off Xbox one.

There are a number of ways that can be used to turn off your Xbox One. The ways include using a controller or a console or from the guide etc. But whatever method you choose to turn off the device, you need to do that step by step.

If you are a first-time user of an Xbox one or having difficulties in turning off Xbox one, then follow the steps below. These steps are approved to be efficient in turning off the Xbox by the regular users.

How to turn off Xbox one – The right process

There are a number of ways that can be followed if you are wondering how to turn off Xbox one. In brief, the “turning off” task can be completed from the controller, console, guide, settings menu, etc. The steps required to perform the task without any inconvenience are mentioned below.

Using the controller

  • You can easily turn off your Xbox from the controller. For doing so,  press the Xbox button from your controller and hold for a couple of seconds.
  • A few options will be opened before you. Now, select the “turn off” console to turn the Xbox One off. That’s all. Your Xbox One will be turned off gradually.

From the console

  • If you choose to turn your Xbox off from the console, then just one step is enough. All you need to do is press the “power button” which is located in front of your console.

From the guide

Another way to turn off the Xbox one is by turning it off from the guide. The required steps are: 

  • Simply press the “Xbox button”. Afterward, the guide will open from which you will be able to perform the task. 
  • From the guide, select the “profile & system” option. then choose the power option and afterward “turn off”. You will see that the Xbox one’s functions will keep turning off.

From settings menu

  • To turn off the Xbox one from the settings menu requires choosing some options gradually. First, press the Xbox button in order to open the guide. 
  • Go to profile & system and then choose settings. From settings, go for the general option.
  • After selecting the general option, choose “power mode & startup”. A number of options will be shown and select “full shutdown” from there. Your Xbox will be turned off entirely and properly.

Using your voice

Nowadays, the technologies are being upgraded regularly. Because of this,  you are capable of turning on and off the power of your devices by using the voice command. You can use voice commands to turn off Xbox one. You just need to have some additional devices and then follow the required steps.

  • Previously set up your amazon’s Alexa or google assistant or Cortana with your Xbox one so that you can interact between your devices by giving voice commands.
  • After connecting the smart devices with your Xbox One, just say “Xbox, off” to give a command by voice for turning off the Xbox One. If you don’t own any of the above smart assistants, you can perform the voice command by using a Kinect sensor.

How to turn off Xbox with a controller 

A controller, whether that is wireless or wired, is used to control the games or apps and the Xbox console. You can easily turn off the Xbox with the controller. All you need to have is proper knowledge about the necessary steps.

  • From the controller, you can turn off only the controller, the console, or restart the controller.
  • If you want to turn off just the controller, then press and hold the button with the Xbox logo for a couple of seconds.
  • A menu will appear with three options. The options are “turn off the controller”, “turn off the console” and “restart”.
  • To turn off your Xbox one console. Choose the second option. Thus your Xbox will be turned off.

How to turn off Xbox One with Phone 

Surprisingly and conveniently enough, you can turn off your Xbox one with your phone. The major steps you need to follow for doing so are:

Setting up the Xbox one

  • You need to set up your Xbox one first. To do so, go to profile & system by pressing the Xbox button. Then go to settings, choose general, and select power mode & startup. Now you need to turn “instant mode” on from the power mode.
  • At this point, your Xbox is ready to be connected with your android phone. But before that, you are required to set up your android phone.

Set up your android phone

  • Here “setting up” is referring to the installation of the “Xbox” app powered by Microsoft Corporation. 
  • After installing the app from the “play store”, sign up or sign in by using your email address and the required information.

Turning off the Xbox using the phone

  • After setting up your Xbox one and the phone, open the Xbox app from your phone.
  • You will see a notification icon. Tap on the icon and then select the “set up console”. 
  • When you are finished with the setup, open the “remote control” option from there. 
  • Now tap on the three dots given above and choose “turn off Xbox”. That’s all.

How to turn off Xbox One with iPhone 

After the update of the system, you are allowed to control your Xbox from your iPhone. And the controls include turning your Xbox on and off. If you want to turn off Xbox one, do as the follows

  • Install “Xbox one smart glass” from the app store.
  • Complete setting up the app by signing in.
  • Now use the app just as you are being described in the previous section of android phone.

How to turn off Xbox One without a controller 

You can turn off the Xbox One without a controller. Even if that sounds complicated, it actually is the easiest. 

  • To turn off your Xbox one without a controller, just press and hold the “power button” on your console.
  • After like 10 to 12 seconds, your console, or in other words Xbox one will be forced to shut down fully.

Frequently Asked Question

Check the section below if you still have some questions in mind.

Why is my Xbox one still on when I turn it off?

If you are seeing that your Xbox one or console is not turning off completely, maybe it is on “standby” mode. This mode allows Xbox to download games, updates remotely from the Xbox app even if it is turned off. If you don’t want this, then go to the settings and turn the automatic standby mode off.

Does the Xbox ever turn off?

If you don’t turn off your Xbox completely, it is most probable that the device will be in sleep mode or standby mode. But you have to set up the settings according to that beforehand. When in sleep or standby mode, most of the electronics of the Xbox will stop functioning but will run in the background. However, if it is turned off unexpectedly, maybe there is an error.

What is a full shutdown on Xbox one?

A full shutdown refers to the stoppage of all functions of the devices. This is also the case with the Xbox one. When you fully shut down your Xbox one, you are making all the functions of the Xbox turn off. In contrast, when you don’t shut down fully, some functions may still be on. When this happens, the console can be turned on instantly whenever the power button is tapped.

We added a video below, watch that if you still have any confusion:


Everyone wants to own gaming devices like Xbox one to play games comfortably and efficiently.  And these devices come with their own process or methods of maintenance which must be followed. You can keep your gadgets in their best condition by following those methods properly. 

An Xbox one is not an exception either. This has its own methods which are right for the turning on and off process. The aforementioned ways and methods will help you in turning off your Xbox one properly. 

Actually, the article will solve all your confusion regarding “how to turn off Xbox one”. Try to follow the proper on and off methods for making the devices last longer.

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