How To Upload Pictures To Xbox One From iPhone in minutes?

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Xbox One and iPhone are the most commonly used electronic devices nowadays. There can be different and many situations appear when you may require to transfer pictures from iPhone to Xbox system. Pictures from your iPhone may be required for setting up your in-game or system profiles as well. For custom backgrounds, wallpapers, game profiles, or online profiles you have to add pictures most of the time. Apple has a quite complicated connectivity and file transferring system. That is why you must know how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone easily and effectively. 

There are multiple ways to successfully transfer different formats of pictures from your iPhone to the Xbox system. You can use both wireless and wired methods to upload the pictures.

How To Upload Pictures To Xbox One From iPhone? – The simplest way

You cannot directly upload or transfer pictures from the iPhone to the Xbox. It is because both devices come from different parent companies. The Xbox is a Microsoft product whereas the iPhone comes from Apple. Therefore, other methods need to be followed for this task.

Using the Screen mirror or Cast option

It is not possible to directly upload pictures or other files to the Xbox from the iPhone because of the cross-platform difference. But using some double-routed methods we can upload pictures from iPhone to the Xbox.

There is a wireless cast option in every latest model of iPhone. In recent updates of the IOS, the feature is called airplay. This feature allows you to cast the iPhone screen to different consoles, displays, etc.

From you, the iPhone firstly goes to the control center. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the control Center. In the control center, you will see an “airplay” icon. Under that, a sub-level option will be found saying screen mirroring. Tap on that and you will see available devices nearby to get paired to.

Saving the picture from iPhone to Xbox one

Now, select your Xbox One from the available options and you will see the iPhone display on your Xbox. Now open your desired Picture from the Gallery of the iPhone. Make sure the picture is in full display mode. Now, from your Xbox controller go to the Guide Menu pressing the Xbox button.

On the Right, there will be a capture and share option. There you will find an option saying “take a screenshot”. Select the option and press the A button to save the picture. The captured picture will be saved to your device. 

Using the Xbox App for iPhone

Xbox has recently launched its Xbox App for the ios platform. You can do a lot using this app and also get connected to your Xbox continuously. You can upload the desired pictures from the iPhone to your Xbox App. The app and Xbox system remain synchronized constantly.

Therefore, you can customize your gamer pic directly from the Xbox app which is installed on your iPhone. This method is very easy and can be done freely. Besides, you can directly capture and edit the pictures from your iPhone before uploading.

Using Third-Party Applications

Most of the application in the Apple store is trusted and secured. Therefore, there is no fear in using a third-party app to connect and upload pictures from iPhone to Xbox. At first, go to the Apple store and search for the app called “iMedia Share”. Install the app on your iPhone.

In your Xbox One interface, go to the Microsoft store and Install the official Media Player for Xbox. Now, launch the app on your Xbox system and launch the “imediashare” app on your iPhone. You have to allow and give access to your storage.

Transferring Pictures from the iPhone

At this point, you can see an icon naming your iPhone model pop up in the Media Player app of the Xbox. Tap on the icon and you will see different media files from your iPhone. All the pictures and video or digital files can be transferred from the app. You can open the pictures and take screenshots as required to save your favorite picture on the Xbox system.

Using the One Drive App

One Drive is the official Cloud system of Microsoft. It is available on most operating systems and digital platforms. In order to upload your pictures using OneDrive, you have to follow the stated steps respectively.

Installing One Drive App in Xbox

Firstly, check for the One Drive App on your Xbox One. Mostly you can get one already installed in the system. But, considering it is not preinstalled. Then you have to manually download and install the One Drive app from the Microsoft Store of the Xbox One. after completion of the installation Login to your Microsoft account.

Installing One Drive App in your iPhone

Search for the One Drive App in the Apple store from your iPhone. Download and install the app on your iPhone. Then log in to your Microsoft account in the OneDrive App. Upload all the pictures of your desire to One Drive from the iPhone.

Transferring Pictures

Open the OneDrive App on your Xbox system. Then tap on the desired pictures you want to download in your console. You can directly download the pictures from the OneDrive Apps. This method is the easiest one to transfer or upload pictures from iPhone to Xbox.

Using the Google Drive

It is a similar cloud-sharing service from Google. You will find a separate app called Google Drive in the Apple store of your iPhone. Install the app and log in to your Google account. If you do not possess a google account then you must create one before proceeding.

After successful login to your Google Drive, you can upload your favorite pictures and other digital media from your iPhone. Now, from your Xbox, you can either download the Google Drive app or can use the browser to download the pictures.

You will get the Google drive app free of cost in the Microsoft Store in your Xbox console. Simply install it and log in to your Google account. From there you can get access to your uploaded media from the iPhone. You can easily save the  pictures to your Xbox storage from the Google drive

How to upload pictures to Xbox one from iPhone for background

Background pictures require high-resolution pictures. Screenshots or lower-quality images can ruin the background of your Xbox system. Therefore, if you have some High-resolution pictures in your iPhone you can upload them to Xbox for background usage. Using the cloud service is the easiest way to upload pictures for the background.

  • Firstly, go to Microsoft Store from your Xbox interface.
  • In the search bar type One Drive.
  • Once the app opens, download and install the app to your Xbox One.
  • Nextly, from the Apple store, install the One Drive app.
  • Login to the One drive app using your Microsoft Account similar to the Xbox account.
  • Open the OneDrive app and from the Upload option, select the pictures you want to transfer.
  • Upload the desired pictures to the One Drive app.
  • Finally, from the One Drive app in your Xbox system, you can download the pictures just uploaded from the iPhone.
  • Set your favorite picture as the background.

Frequently Asked Question

Still, have some questions in mind? Have a look at the FAQ section below.

Can you upload a picture from your iPhone using the airdrop method?

It is not possible to use the airdrop feature of the iPhone to upload pictures to Xbox. Due to the platform and brand difference airdrop is not supported by the Xbox One.

Is it possible to connect the iPhone to Xbox one wired way?

You can connect the iPhone to your Xbox One using the lightning USB cable. But you cannot transfer files from iPhone to Xbox.

Does Xbox One support wireless sharing apps for the iPhone?

iPhone does not allow any third-party file-sharing apps. That is why you cannot upload pictures from iPhone to Xbox using unauthorized file sharing apps

If you still have any confusion, follow the tutorial video below for a better understanding:


On many occasions, you may require to upload pictures from iPhone to Xbox one. But, the iPhone is a very sophisticated device from Apple. Most of the common and straightforward techniques such as Bluetooth or file-sharing apps are not supported by the iPhone. Here the question arises of how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone.

The easiest and most effective way is to use the authorized and recognized cloud services. This can be either One Drive or Google Drive. You can directly transfer pictures using these cloud services. It is better to use One drive because it is the official cloud-sharing service from Microsoft.

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