Is 50 degrees Celsius Hot For A CPU?

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When people notice their CPU temperature for the first time, they come with various reactions. They can’t determine whether the temperature is normal or abnormal. The CPU may even get extreme temperatures when it’s idle. Let’s talk about 50 degrees Celsius temperature. Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU?

50 degrees Celsius isn’t hot enough for a running CPU. But, it’s slightly alarming when it’s an idle CPU. However, the temperature can be considered hot when it’s hindering the regular performance of a CPU. A specific temperature can be a trouble for a PC where it’s nothing for the most upgraded CPU.

When gaming, coding or performing other heavy activities, the CPU must be heated. And it’s okay if the temperature is 50 degrees or more than that. But, it’s dangerous if the CPU temperature is above 85-90 degrees under any condition.

Is 50 degrees Celsius Hot For A CPU? – Brief discussion

If the CPU is under load, then 50 degrees celsius is a very normal temperature. And, if the CPU is idle, its temperature of 50 degrees is slightly high. Specifically, it’s the last value of the optimum temperature range. So, you can’t also ignore the fact that you get this temperature in the CPU’s idle condition. 

There are several reasons that cause a computer’s CPU to perform badly. An increase in temperature is one of them. And this incident takes place due to the weak CPU fan, faulty case, and so on. You don’t need to be concerned if the temperature is around 60-85 degrees celsius after regular use. 

If you notice that the CPU temperature is above 50 degrees Celsius, you need to take care of it. Using a new version CPU instead of the old version is recommended for CPU protection. Most modern CPU models have a temperature resistance system that saves the CPU from death. 

Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU idle? 

The answer could either be positive or negative. An idle CPU doesn’t perform huge tasks like the running one. So, it’s the normal expectation of any user that the temperature shouldn’t be high enough. 

Experts have said that the optimum idle CPU temperature should range between 95-122 F. After converting it to Celsius, the temperature becomes 35-50 degrees Celsius. So, it’s clear that the depicted temperature is hot for a CPU idle, but not dangerous.

Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for CPU gaming?

When you’re gaming on your PC, the temperature shouldn’t exceed 80 or 90 degrees Celsius. 50 degrees Celsius of a CPU isn’t even possible when you’re gaming at room temperature. Once you find this temperature for your CPU, you need not be afraid of it. 

Along with existing in the cold temperature range, it’s not dangerous at all. As 50 degrees Celsius temperature during idle CPU isn’t dangerous, how can it be during the gaming period? You don’t need to call it hot or dangerous until it exists between 90-100 degrees celsius. 

Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU laptop?

Laptops are specially designed so that they can reduce power usage while it’s extremely hot. Any temperature under 80-85 degrees Celsius is normal for any laptop. This limit is applicable when you’re performing regular activities with your laptop. But, what if the laptop is in idle condition?

There are two states to consider the state of a laptop’s CPU. If it’s at idle, 50 degrees Celsius temperature is a little concerning. But, the temperature is still high as it’s consuming more power. The verdict is- 50 degrees Celsius is a little high for an idle CPU, but not for the running one. However, the CPU temperature may vary depending on the brand. 

Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a GPU?

No, 50 degrees Celsius isn’t hot for a GPU. GPU is a special type of processor which ensures graphics rendering. This type of work consumes more power than the regular CPU. So, if the temperature is around 50 degrees Celsius, it’s not a matter of concern. When the GPU isn’t underuse, its temperature should be 30-40 degrees Celsius. 

Most importantly, all the GPUs are designed to perform around 60+ degrees temperature precisely. There are several GPU brands that have made their GPUs with extreme temperature tolerance. AMD GPUs are much popular as they can reach up to 110 degrees celsius. 

We attached a tutorial video about the safe pc temperature, watch that for more detailed information:


Your confusion on “is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU” must-have disappeared now. You need to consider two states to understand if it’s hot or cold. A working CPU won’t create low temperatures below 40-50 degrees Celsius. So, when it’s working perfectly, what’s the point of being afraid of seeing 50 degrees or more temperature?

Moreover, 50 degrees Celsius isn’t risky for any component of your PC. If the temperature of the CPU is very high, it’ll shut down the PC automatically. Otherwise, the whole CPU will crash and the computer becomes dead. Nowadays, 50 degrees Celsius of a CPU is nothing to worry about. 

But, when you consider the idle state, the CPU with 50 degrees Celsius is risky. It can reduce the CPU’s performance and endanger your work. If you continuously find hot temperatures on your CPU, taking immediate action is the best move.

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