What Are Good Temps For CPU and GPU?

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Almost all the modern PC setups have a high-end Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Units. These are the two most important hardware for a PC. The CPU and GPU both use a high amount of current flow all the time while running programs. While running very heavy software or games temperature spikes take place by increasing the temperature suddenly. To keep the performance optimum, you must keep the temperature of these components in check.  For this, you must know what are good temps for CPU and GPU

What Are Good Temps For CPU and GPU? – Detailed information

In short, we can say that around 65-80 degrees of Celsius are good for the GPU. But, for the CPU the ideal temperature range could be 50-60 degrees of celsius. You have to keep in mind that under no circumstance the temperature can rise above 85 degrees of celsius.

What are good temps for CPU?

The CPU of a PC system controls all the programs entirely. That is why the temperature of the CPU rises and lowers continuously depending upon the program you are running. While playing heavy games or running heavy software the current flows through the pins of the CPU rapidly. 

Hence, the CPU gets very hot and the temperature rises instantly. The integrated cooling system of the CPU cannot control this temperature spike. That is why you have to know beforehand the temperature limit of your CPU. This way you can know which games or software your PC is capable of running safely without compromising the safety.

On average, the temperature of the CPU increases up to 40-45 degrees doing normal work. It can be either browsing, playing movies, or doing office work. Therefore a good temperature for the CPU is up to 65 degrees of celsius. Going above that can degrade your PC performance and you will have leggings and slow programs.

What are good temps for GPUs?

The primary concern for using the Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU is to control and run the high-resolution-based software. These programs are mostly high-end games and video editing, illustration, Auto CAD, and simulation-based programs. Therefore, the temperature of the GPU units gets higher in a very little amount of time.

We can say that the safe limit of the temperature for GPUs can be 65-75 degrees of celsius. It can raise up to 85xz degrees celsius but not more than that. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may cause thermal throttling or physical damage. That is why good ventilation and cooling system should be used for the GPU as well.

There are very advanced and high-end GPUs available in the market nowadays. The temperature limit can differ from model to model. Older versions of GPUs tend to get high temperatures in a very little amount of time. But modern-day GPUs take time to reach high temperatures due to more advanced components used for assembling.

Besides, the cooling system also matters a lot. The liquid system works far better than the air cooling system. It keeps the temperature checked for a long time and improves performance. For such GPUs, a good temperature range can be from 60-70 degrees of temperature. These are allowed to rise up to 90 degrees as well but not more than that.

What are good CPU and GPU temps gaming?

Gaming is the most CPU and GPU-using activity. Because it uses both the CPU and the GPU to their maximum limit. Hence, the temperature of the CPU and GPU while gaming rises quickly and to the highest point. 

If the temperature rises above the good range, then the performance of the gameplay drops drastically. FPS, gameplay drops, and the system lags continuously. For this reason, you should know the good CPU and GPU temperature region for gaming. Knowing that you can upgrade your cooling system and keep the temperature on track. 

And therefore your gaming performance won’t degrade as well. The good temperature limit for CPUs and GPUs while gaming is 40-60 degrees of celsius. You will get maximum FPS and lower latency in this temperature. With the increase in temperature, the game becomes unplayable.

Is 80 degrees Celsius hot for a GPU and CPU?

80 degrees Celsius temperature is quite hot for both the GPU and CPU. No matter what type of program you run on your PC, it will not function properly. You will face system lags, slow movements, and choppy performance in such temperatures. That is why the temperature should be minimized from 80 as soon as possible. Because it may damage the system as well.

Follow the video below for more detailed information about the CPU and GPU temperature:


Keeping track of the temperature of the CPU and GPU is mandatory. It is because high temperatures in both CPU and GPU will degrade your work and gaming performance. Moreover, letting those components in hot conditions will damage the small pins which lead to permanent damage as well.

For all these reasons, you should know what are good temps for CPU and GPU. So, you can limit the uses of the software or upgrade the systems and cooling beforehand. This way, the PC can be kept safe and balanced programs can be run by preplanning.

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